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When purchasing a kitten from a Birman Club member, you are assured peace of mind, as our reputable breeders place the health and well-being of their cats and kittens first and formost, in all aspects of their care.The club sets guidelines for all breeders to adopt and is in place to protect both the Birman cats we use in our breeding programs and their offspring. Our breeders follow our Code of Ethics at all times.Pet kittens are available from our breeders and as a guide, cost approximately $1500.00 to $2000.00. Please discuss this with the breeder you approach so they can advise you which inclusions they provide. This would generally include desexing, vaccination and microchipping - a further vaccination is required a few weeks after they are settled in your home. Our breeders all desex kittens prior to leaving as per our governing body rules in Qld.

If you visit a Birman Cat Club member and are not happy with the environment or the conditions in which the cats and kittens are housed please notify one of our Executives. While we do have our Code of Ethics in place we also do rely on word of mouth to let us know if something is lacking. All our members also abide by a Code of Ethics set by their individual Registering Body. We have a number of registering bodies in Qld and our Interstate members abide by their respective State regulations. A large number of our members are with Queensland Feline Association Inc so we have attached their guidelines on purchasing a kitten for your perusal.

birman kittens
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