Each year the club awards points to Birman exhibits shown in Queensland at various cat shows throughout the year, which go towards an overall end of year tally. We award a trophy for best male and female in Kitten, Entire Adult and Adult Desexed classes. The awards are given for the exhibits that have scored the highest points throughout the year in a number of rings and are given in recognition by our club to the exhibit and exhibitor. It is also hoped these awards will be seen as an encouragement for our members to show their Birman as it is only awarded to club members. The trophies are presented at our end of year meeting and luncheon.

Please find photos of some of the award winning Birmans since its inception in 2000.

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Best Female Kitten

Bonniebrae Isobella
Ex: Marisa Thistlewaite
Br: Bev Briers


Best Male Kitten

Amoenta Fleetwood Mac
Ex: Marisa Thistlewaite
Br: K,Y & R Murphy

Best Female Cat

ACF AoE, CCCA Ch, NSW BDGC, GDGC Saavik Bacardi
Ex: Bev Wiles
Br: Exh


Best Male Cat

Silver DGC Tahira Pumbah
Ex: Marisa Thistlewaite
Br: C. & P. Jordison

Best Spay

ACF AoE Gold CCCA Ch Sapphire GDGC Gramar Mandalin
Ex: Kevin & Nicole Brown
Br: Exh


Best Neuter

BDGC Gramar Kiss Of The Shiek
Ex: H Jones
Br: K & N Brown

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